Saturday, September 5, 2009

4 wheelin'

Larry took Wes and me 4 wheelin' yesterday to the top of Big Butte. He showed where the hang gliders take off from and the different areas of the INL. When we got to the top we spent about an hour. We ate sandwiches and enjoyed the scenery. It was a great trip, but I haven't got Wes convinced that we need 4 wheelers. (sigh).

Big Butte, yep we went to the top. Around 7000 ft.

Medusa is alive and well. Maybe it is a new look for me.

on the old fire lookout.

loading up to go back home.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Grandma's new hobby

Since Grandpa got a new 4 wheeler and the other one is fixed Grandma thought maybe she would use the old one to come to our place. They came up yesterday and it surprised everyone to see Grandma driving it. Even the Elders were taking her picture.

District BBQ

We held a district BBQ here last Monday. It was great we served chicken, hamburgers, hotdogs and dutch oven potatoes. Plus jello and chips and whatever else we could find. The missionaries enjoyed it so much that they want to do it again next Monday. Just like the old days with Jeremy's and Rachel's get togethers.


I need to update this and put in Elder Potter's latest companion.

Elder Flores from Honduras via New York. He is a convert along with his brothers and sisters. His parents are not members and his mom is still in Honduras. He is a quiet kid, but really nice to have around.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cory's accident

This is what we are driving now. They had to bring it in from Utah. It is not equipped for Elder Potter to drive, but at least we can get him around in it. We are now a drivers for the missionaries. I take them during the day and Wes takes them in the evening. We get to spend a lot of time with the Elders. Sometimes I feel like a fourth companion. I feel bad that they have to have this old lady hanging out with them all the time, but they told me that it feels right to have me with them. They are so sweet.
The progress on our van is coming along faster than expected. Hopefully soon it will be finished and we will pray to have a force sheild around it.

Look! We are out of staters.

This is our poor van after it was hit by a guy who ran the stop sign. And there was alcohol involved. ( Not by the missionaries in case you were wondering.) If it had been pushed a little further it would have rolled into the ditch. Then the situation for getting Cory out would have been very serious. This has been the second time Cory has been hit. The first time by an old guy that backed into them and then drove off. The damage that time was minimal. Same fender though. What is it about that fender that says HIT ME? Both accidents were close to home. Cory received the burn on his cheek and a jammed finger. Elder Garcia was fine until a couple days later when he started hurting. We found out the seatbelt tore some muscles between his ribs. He has since gone home as he has finished his mission.

The EMTs came to check them out. Wes was concerned about the rods in his back, but he had no pain there. We are so thankful that there were not worse injuries and Cory handled the situation very well.

The pick-up that hit them.

Latest new Elder

Our newest Elder is Elder Pinson from South Carolina. He has been in Blackfoot for seven months already serving in the East Stake. He was just transferred across town to us.
He is crazy and keeps his companions laughing. He sounds just like Matt when he talks. He also acts a bit like Matt. Sometimes I look to see if Matt is here. (for those who don't know Matt he is my nephew.) Elder Pinson has a beautiful singing voice is asked quite often to sing in the wards. He sang in the Riverton Ward today, and next week he will sing in our ward. So, Matt, I expect to hear more solos from you. Cory calls this the oreo companionship. Never a dull moment here.

More Elder Pinson

Wes didn't have an individual picture of him so I had him take one today. He didn't want his picture taken. Can you tell?